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What is the School

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What is the Moscow School of Civic Education

The Moscow School of Civic Education (until August 2013 - Moscow School of Political Studies) appeared in the public sphere in 1992, as an independent non-government non-profit organization founded with the support of the Council of Europe.

The School’s mission is, and always has been, to encourage the creation of a modern state based on the rule of law, the efficient functioning of democratic institutions and the encouragement of civic initiatives in Russia.

The Moscow School organises seminars and round table discussions – regionally and nationally – for young leaders, in the hope that they would quickly master the ideas of human rights, understand the meaning of freedom, the need for private property and protect the legal and civic protection of individuals from government pressure. The School focused on such topics as human rights, the rule of law, the formation and development of democratic institutions, the transparency and accountability of government and public organizations. Many its alumni work for regional and municipal bodies of power, some of them are deputies of legislative assemblies, successful entrepreneurs, leaders of the public sector who take part in the programs of social and economic development of their regions and implement positive changes as a result.

Throughout the period, the School continues its educational work, promoting civic enlightenment about democracy and the rule of law to a rising generation. Recently it widened its audience to include public leaders, NGO activists, and teachers across primary, secondary and higher education. The School also formed its regional network which has had considerable success in helping bring about positive political change in the regions through informed democratic participation in civic life.

In the near two decades of its existence, the Moscow School has developed into a unique large-scale enlightenment project. School’s alumni continue to grow the network, creating a «civil space» across geographical and regional boundaries which is crucially important for the democratic modernisation of the country.

Ways the Moscow School addresses the demands of modernity:

  1. Civic Enlightenment
    Federally and regionally, the Moscow School’s seminars and round-table discussions have proven to be an effective way of helping to facilitate discussions and better understanding of such notions as democratic values and rule of law, civil institutions, the interaction between the representatives of government bodies, the public and business to develop civil society in Russia. We want to use this pattern to encourage individuals to engage in enlightened, well-informed peaceful civic action and help independent public venues in the Russian regions organise similar activities on a regular basis to encourage grass roots involvement in the civic life.
  2. Networking / Internet activities
    The development of a regional network through virtual interaction and exchange of practical experience between colleagues and experts at the website of the School is vital. It offers maximum support for socioeconomic projects implemented by the alumni. And it can broader School’s audience and open the new ways of promoting civic education through internet courses (i-class).


The School has launched a series of exhibitions as a part of seminars «Man is the measure of all things» The questions underlined the exhibitions are: What does freedom look like? How would you depict dignity? The Moscow School has started work with museums and art galleries in Russian provinces to collaborate on exhibition programmes and co-host related round table discussions which highlight civic issues through the rich collections of these organisations.


The Moscow School has a strong tradition of commissioning, translating and publishing key works in the field of philosophic, economic and political thought.

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